KVB PRIME received the award of the Most Reliable Forex Broker of The Year 2019 ranked by Alpha Trading Floor in the United Kingdom

21ST August, 2019, by Amaya Ui Huang
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Global Head of Public Relations

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KVB PRIME is proud to announce its latest acquisition in the realm of forex awards, having just acquired the Most Reliable Forex Broker of the year by Alpha Trading in the United Kingdom.

This year, KVB PRIME received the most reliable forex broker of the year award- a trophy assigned to the most innovative strategies and implementation.

Fintech industry is emerging and evolving, which requires companies to adopt new approaches. KVB PRIME has always stood at the front to deliver high-quality brokerage services of forex, commodities and indices. Additionally, KVB PRIME has just entered the European market, one of the most competitive and demanding marketplace in the world. This is why KVB PRIME has just upgraded its website and app to facilitate the clients with seamless customer experience. As part of KVB PRIME new digital transformation program, it strives to be users-friendly and tech-savvy to continue to improving the customer experience and expectation.

Particularly, the custom trading app is facilitated to provide a convenient and efficient trading experience to both the retailers and prime clients to grasp their needs. The sleek trading system will assist clients to unlock ultimate potential.

“The Most Reliable Forex Broker of the Year award is a great honor that obligates us to keep up with the most advanced Fintech solutions and reinforces our dedication to being reliable broker. The title of the award could not be more representative what we stand for, that is Innovative, Reliable and Accurate. The values behind KVB PRIME are simple: client first is at the heart of everything we do and we offer reliable pricing and superior tools to deliver an excellent trading experience.” said by the CEO of KVB PRIME.