2019 FMLS London Summit Highlights

KVB PRIME unveiled at the London Summit. The first show of England was a complete success.

KVB award

KVB PRIME, the world's leading premium online trader, is the top sponsor of the industry's annual event, Finance Magnates London Summit 2019. They have prepared eye-catching brand layouts at booths and coffee bars to introduce to global investors. KVB PRIME provides quality trading services.

The exhibition attracted thousands of investors and nearly 100 world-renowned brokers to discuss current industry trends, bringing investors a comprehensive but deep financial feast. KVB PRIME also passed the exhibition and the world. Investors interact and communicate the passion and professionalism of the KVB PRIME team.

KVB PRIME shines on the show, causing global investors to pay attention to it

KVB award

KVB PRIME also interacts with global investors at the booth and demonstrates our unique strengths, including support for multi-currency and digital currency deposit and withdrawal channels, true zero spread trading environment, and advanced innovation. Webpage and mobile trading platform WebTrade, KVB PRIME APP, etc.

In the process of communicating with investors, we have a clearer understanding of user needs and expect to bring more professional and reliable trading services to investors in the future.

KVB PRIME Intimately prepare a small drink to replenish energy for investors

KVB PRIME As one of the main sponsors of this London Summit, especially in the coffee bar of the exhibition, we will prepare abundance of small dots and drinks and a series of exquisite brand layouts, so that investors who are resting can also feel KVB PRIME Professional and reliable brand image.

KVB award

KVB PRIME All kinds of beautiful surrounding gifts are very popular among the investors in the field

KVB PRIME exhibited a series of exclusive peripheral gifts, including bags with brand logos, vacuum flasks, notebooks, etc. The exquisite design was deeply influenced by the scene. Investors love to further deepen the investor's brand impression of KVB PRIME.

KVB award

KVB PRIME Chief Strategy ConsultantCraig Davis brings interesting and in-depth interviews to investors

Craid Davis, KVB PRIME's Chief Strategy Consultant, was also invited to interview "Optimize Yourself: What Can Brokers Learn from the Institutional Sphere" to share more than 20 years of industry experience and retail business with the guests. How to use institutional trading technology to enhance their operational performance, bringing guests interesting and in-depth interviews.

KVB award

England football legend Graham Roberts appeared at the KVB PRIME booth and caused investors to exclaim.

KVB PRIME In this exhibition, we invited Graham Roberts, the English football legend who played for Tottenham Hotspur and won the FA Cup and UEFA Champions League, as our special guest. Caused by the on-site investors exclaimed.

KVB award

KVB PRIME works with the taxi to add a bright color to the streets of London

KVB PRIME will work with taxi operators during the show to introduce KVB PRIME's professional and reliable brand image and provide it to more investors by letting taxis with KVB PRIME brand features travel through the streets of London. The quality service will further enhance the brand's visibility and lay a good foundation for future brand building.

KVB award

The London Summit ended successfully. The perfect ending for KVB PRIME's first show in England

KVB PRIME's debut at the London Summit was enthusiastically responded by investors, which also motivated us to continue in the future, always put investors first and continue to bring investors more professional and reliable. Trading services.

KVB award