Event time:

From February 3, 2020

Active object:

All customers


a. In order for the client to be eligible for the bonus program, the client must hold a trading account that complies with the account opening agreement and must be 18 years of age or in the country or region of residence Have reached the legal age or must not be considered a "minor" in their country of residence

b. The Client hereby acknowledges and accepts the legal constraints of the terms and conditions set forth in this rewards program and / or any other legally binding agreement between him and the Company. (KVB PRIME reserves the right to modify, change or terminate this reward program at any time without notice.)

c. For customers with the above qualifications, please use the account binding email address and send "account and name" to markets@kvbprime.com to apply for the "welcome red gift event" .

Event rules and conditions:

1. This event is only applicable to the following financial products: currency pairs, commodities, CFDs and indices.

2. This event is applicable to PRIME and ECN accounts.

3. It is hereby declared that this event is only applicable regardless of how many trading accounts a customer opens with KVB PRIME To an account (the account used for the first deposit is a valid participating account). Transfers between accounts are not considered as a deposit for this event.

4. customers who accumulate more than 500 US dollars (or the same amount of account currency) during the event period will have the opportunity to receive a bonus of the corresponding account currency. The bonus will first be injected into the customer's transaction in the form of credit within two working days. account number. When the customer meets the following trading lot requirements at any time within 3 months after the transaction is opened (must be traded in the same trading account), the bonus credit can be converted into cash (the convertible bonus must meet the Corresponding transaction volume requirements).

5. Within 3 months after the bonus, the account receiving the bonus does not meet the transaction lot requirements, and the bonus credit will be removed.

6. If the customer does not withdraw or transfer during the standard period, the bonus will be deducted accordingly, and the remaining bonus is the accumulated deposit amount minus the net withdrawal or transfer amount (not (Including profit) after the corresponding bonus. The trading volume will be calculated according to the trading volume requirements of the current bonus position.

The details are as follows:

Account Deposit (USD)
Bonus Trading Volume Requirements
Bonus Amount (USD) Prime Account
Bonus Amount (USD) ECN Account

Award Level


Conditions (A three month net deposits)


Bonus Amount (USD) Prime Account


Bonus Amount (USD) ECN Account


Award Level


Conditions (A three month net deposits)


Bonus Amount (USD) Prime Account


Bonus Amount (USD) ECN Account


Award Level


Conditions (A three month net deposits)


Bonus Amount (USD) Prime Account


Bonus Amount (USD) ECN Account


Award Level


Conditions (A three month net deposits)


Bonus Amount (USD) Prime Account


Bonus Amount (USD) ECN Account


Award Level


Conditions (A three month net deposits)


Bonus Amount (USD) Prime Account


Bonus Amount (USD) ECN Account


Example 1: The customer opens a new account and deposits US $ 6,000 and receives a bonus of US $ 350 (US $ 5,000 to US $ 9,999 for account opening). The transaction volume of 100 lots has not been met. Now the customer Withdrawal of USD 3,000 (including profit of USD 1,000), the remaining principal net deposit is 6000 + 1000-3000 = 4000 USD, the bonus level will be adjusted to 180 USD (USD 2,500-4,999 USD account opening level), so 170 will be deducted After the USD bonus, the account has a bonus of 180 USD, and the transaction volume needs to be adjusted to 50 lots. After the customer meets the 50 lot transaction volume, if the customer wants to settle the bonus in advance, please email to markets@kvbprime.com Will be changed from credit to cash and injected into the trading account. After the bonus is settled in advance, the event is deemed to be over, and the customer can no longer participate in this event.

Example 2: The customer opens a new account and deposits USD 6,000 to open an account and receives a bonus of USD 350 (USD 5,000 to USD 9,999). After that, the customer deposits USD 6,000 again The bonus (credit limit) is increased to 700 US dollars (USD 10,000-14,999 USD account opening position), and the transaction volume will be counted from the re-deposit to increase the credit limit.

7. Customers can use any method provided by KVB PRIME to deposit funds to participate in the event.

8. If the customer uses wire transfer to deposit money, the bank will charge a certain fee during the remittance process. If the customer can present a proof of remittance of $ 500, even if the You can still participate in the bonus event if the fund is slightly less than 500 USD. The bonus will be calculated based on the actual amount received.

Termination of Bonus Program

1. KVB PRIME reserves the right to cancel this customer's eligibility to participate in this event at any time and / Or immediately recover the bonus and / or the profit made by the customer after notification: Violation of these terms and regulations and / or operating agreements; KVB PRIME There are reasonable grounds to believe that the activities of the event customers did not conform to the principle of good faith, that there was abuse and / or fraud in the event and / or that violated the spirit of the event.

2. KVB PRIME reserves the right to modify the terms at its own discretion. If KVB PRIME Special circumstances beyond control (such as natural disasters, political conflicts, etc.) make the promotion plan unsustainable. KVB PRIME Yes Right to suspend or terminate this promotion plan.

3. If there are any signs or KVB PRIME suspects a customer account or multiple accounts or other gifts There is fraud, manipulation, cashback or bonuses or swap arbitrage or other forms of deceptive or fraudulent activities in gold-related accounts, and all executed transactions and / or resulting profits or losses are invalid.

4. KVB PRIME reserves the right to make changes, amendments, suspensions, cancellations or cancellations at any time and for any reasonable reason. The right to terminate this event or any aspect of this event. Under no circumstances will you be responsible for any consequences resulting from changes, amendments, suspensions, cancellations or terminations of the event.


1. In the event of any dispute or misunderstanding of the terms and conditions applicable above, such dispute or misunderstanding shall be governed by KVB PRIME Acts in good faith, and KVB PRIME decides the applicability and appropriateness of the terms. KVB PRIME `s decision is final and binding.

Other rules

1. Participants / customers confirm that currency pair margin and CFDs are leveraged trading products and involve high risks. You may lose the original account principal. Leveraged trading products May not be suitable for all investors, so you should make sure that you understand the risks involved in the product. If necessary, seek the independent advice of a professional.

2. Opening an account with the same name (sub-account) cannot participate in the bonus program.

3. Account opening deposits and trading lots are calculated based on a single trading account, and different trading volumes under the same account cannot be combined.

4. bonuses are not applicable to institutional accounts.

5. KVB PRIME will have the right to cancel this offer for customers who attempt to tamper with or violate the terms of the bonus rules Event. KVB PRIME reserves the right to modify or terminate this promotion at any time. Any notice of modification or termination of the event will be marked as The announcement issued by KVB PRIME shall prevail.

6. After receiving the bonus credit, the client withdraws all or most of the funds and uses the credit to trade, KVB PRIME has the right to cancel the transaction and recover the loss caused by the customer to the company.

7. The deadline for this event will be announced separately.

8. Please contact our customer service center for the area where this activity is applicable.